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RInderjeet Singh


In March 2015, Justice Upheld first reported the case of Inderjeet Singh who was subjected to phyisical abuse and inhumane treatment by his Saudi ’employer’, ‘Motab’.   


Inderjeet was badly assaulted once again by Motab on the evening of Monday 1st of June 2015. This resulted in Inderjeet Singh being removed by the Saudi Police and detained in a detention centre in Riydah.


This detention was a safe haven compared to the trauma Inderjeet Singh suffered at the hands of Motab however, the conditions in the detention were just as inhumane. It accommodated over 400 Indian nationals in one room, waiting in some cases for over a year in appalling and degrading conditions whilst the Indian authorities prevariacated and delayed in processing their respective repatriation documents. Follwing considerable pressure from Justice Upheld  the Indian authorities have accelerated their efforts. All 400 Indian are now leaving Saudi Arabia. One of whom is an elated Inderjeet Singh returned to India this morning.


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