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The cases of the four Indian nationals currently detained in Kuwait and abandoned by the Indian authorities, is not the first time that Indian nationals left to defend for themselves; In Mr Sarabjit Singh’s case (the Indian national imprisioned in Pakistan for following a dubious conviction for ‘spying’ and alleged ‘terrorist attacks’. Note ‘The Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign’), after twenty five years of his incarceration, the Minister of External Affairs at the time Mrs Preneet Kaur admitted during a press conference following Mr Sarabjit Singh’s murder in Pakistani custody, that the successive Indian Governments had approached the Pakistan Government a total of twelve times during his total twenty five years of imprisonment – that is only (disgustingly) once after two years!


This feeable and lackadaisical approach is unstatesmen and unimpressive  – and yet the Punjab Government was falling over themselves to donate an ex gratia payment of 25,000 rupees to members of Sarabjit Singh’s family following his murder! Why was this money not used by the Indian authorities to instruct a competent lawyer to defend Mr Sarabjit Singh in the twenty five years he was incarcerated in Lokphat Prison?


Indian nationals detained in Kuwait:

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