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Mr Jaswant Singh an Indian national, orginally left Punjab to work as a driver in Kuwait in June 2014. His new post was secured via the father of a small time ‘recruitment agent’ from a village called ‘Ghari’ in Punjab. The son of this ‘recruitment agent’ is based in Kuwait.

Within few days of arriving in Kuwait, Mr Jaswant Singh was sent to work according to his understanding as a driver in Saudi Arabia. Upon his arrival in Saudia Arabia Mr Jaswant Singh learnt the reality of his new post. He was left to work at a farm outside the capital city of Riyadh as a camel herder.

Mr Jaswant Singh’s chilling description of his new ’employment’ can only be described accurately as akin to bonded labour and one of cruel and humilating servitude.

With the help and support of ‘Justice Upheld’, Mr Jaswant Singh was rescued from the farm and a medical assessment of his condition was arranged. Mr Jaswant Singh is curently waiting for the Indian Mission in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to progress his formal documents in order to return to India. Unfortunately, the process has been delayed and hampered by the slow and bureacuratic process and procedure of the Indian authorities. Of course this is not helped by the fact that the ‘recruitment agents’ and/or the employers insist upon the Indian contractors handing their respective passports to the employer/recruitment agents at the commencement of their employment contract and refuse to return the passports.

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